Thursday, July 27, 2006

garage sale 2: electric boogaloo

the garage sale went ok. especially considering we did no advertising and the 4 signs i put up kept blowing down. i am going to try it again this friday and saturday. val is working and on call so it will be me and the boys trying to handle things.

i have a couple of big items i am really trying to get rid of, including a computer desk, file cabinet and table. we will see what happens.

i am also trying to sell stuff on ebay

mainly stamps my grandfather took out of germany during ww2.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

garage sale

Well, we are finally going to try to have our garage sale. After watching lots of shows like "Neat" and "Clean Sweep" I have become motivated to purge as we work our way around the house. So this saturday we will be having a garage sale to try to get rid of some of our stuff. If you are out an about stop by and say hi.

it's fun to stay at the YMCA

Last week Cooper went to the YMCA day camp. It was at camp Manitou, located in the Monticello area.

Each day he went from 8:45-3:45. I was a little nervous after our basketball camp experience, but he loved it. I think it is one of the best things we have signed him up for this summer.

He came back everyday happy, dirty and tired. We will certainly be doing that again next year.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Lincoln: He is doing good and has pretty much taken to sleeping through the night which Cooper took about 3 years to do. At his 4 month checkup he weighed 16lbs. 6oz.

He is now wearing size 12-18mo clothing. All in all he is a pretty happy baby. Like they say, all he needs is to be held, changed and fed.

Cooper: Coop loves his little brother. Loves to gives hugs and kisses. We have tried to keep him active this summer since I can't spend as much time playing with him as normal. He is in t-ball, this is the last week for that. It has gone pretty well. At the last game he caught a fly ball and everyone cheered and gave him high 5s. He loved that.

He attended soccer camp and that went well. He went to basketball camp, that did not go well. Tomorrow he is going to a YMCA day camp. He is excited and hopefully it won't be too much for him.

Valerie: She is back to work and starting to get into a routine again. I think she has done pretty well for going back after 3 months off.

The House: We had a leak in our main floor bathroom so we ended up replacing all the flooring in our bathroom, entryway and kitchen. Most of the main floor. Thank heavens we had Chip Bauer we were able to call and help us get through it. Now the floor has been replaced but I still have to finish the trim. I also painted while the floor was out.

My dad and I pulled out the old laminate flooring. Forth of July weekend we recycled that floor and replaced the nasty carpet in my office. It is a major improvement. Next will be painting the office and then I am going to redo the whole set up. Val and I took our first trip to IKEA to look for office furniture. I found stuff I liked, but wow, that place is sensory overload. Plus we somehow passed by the carpets 3 times trying to get out. The warehouse part was like the scene out of "Madam Blueberry"

The Website: I just recently redesigned the site. I had a booth at walk 'n roll and Cooper passed out magnets. Traffic has been increasing but I still am having trouble getting people to use the features like the discussion boards. I even have a contest going on the try to get that going.

Me: What can I say but I am plugging along. Still trying to balance that having 2 kids. Mainly it is making time for Coop. We going swimming on Fridays and put Lincoln in the drop off day care at the community center so we can have some time together.

I am really looking forward to getting the house put back together. The boys are going to grandma and grandpa's for a week in August, so hopefully I will get everything done in that time.