Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Working Mothers Are More Likely to Divorce

I've already mentioned this article, "Stay-at-Home Dads Are More Likely to Divorce" with the URL why-its-not-okay-for-dads-to-stay-home-with-the-kids.

Now this is a quote from the article.

"Sayer found that a woman who was very unhappy in her marriage was more likely to begin divorce proceedings if she was working than if she was unemployed."

So this article could have bee titled "Working Mothers Are More Likely to Divorce" with the URL of: its-not-okay-for-moms-to-work-outside-the-home.

But my guess is that would have been controversial.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Don't lump me in with your dumb-ass husband.

It started with this article about a mom having trouble leaving her child with her husband. The article itself is not a dad bashing piece, but a mom who, while she knows her husband can take care of their child, has trouble giving over that control. The responses are mixed, but a couple stand out.

My favorite (in the comment I love to hate sort of way) came from Nay who said, "I have to make him food and put it in front of him for him to eat - he'll forget to eat for days on end."

Sorry, but that is not just "silly old dad" that sounds more like a mental disorder.

She concludes with this gem. "It's not a complex social problem on my end. It's a matter of my husband not being able to take care of himself properly, let along an infant."

I agree that if someone (whatever their gender) can't take care of themselves then you shouldn't put them in charge of a child.

And then there was this story where the author totally misrepresents research on divorce. And as Al Watts pointed out, the URL for this lovely piece of shit journalism is why-its-not-okay-for-dads-to-stay-home-with-the-kids.

Nice going TIME.

Then came this video from iVillage.

Don't you just love it when Amy Oztan states, "Let's face it, I think that in most relationships, men just suck at logistics." (HT NYCDADS)

So here is the deal ladies. I realize your husband can't do the laundry, boil water without burning it, clean the toilet, dress himself, change a diaper, handle the kids by himself, vacuum, or feed himself.

I'm sorry YOU picked such a loser. That really sucks for you.

But don't lump all men together. Don't put the great dads I know in the same category as your pathetic, dumb-ass husband. And I promise not to put you in the same category as my smart, charming, pretty and talented wife.