Monday, January 08, 2007

I love my office

It is amazing how one thing leads to another. A leak in our main floor bathroom forces us to repair flooring, so we decide to rip out all the pergo on the main floor and have it tiled. That leads to recycling the pergo and taking the nasty carpet out of the office, which leads to redoing the office.

I wish I had taken some good "before" pictures, but oh well.

There are a lot of people to thank, most don't even know it because a gift card or cash help purchase stuff for the office along with my ebay sales and freelance work, but there are a couple of people I need to point out.

First to the Good family. Thanks to Chirs for making IKEA runs with me for things that were too big for our vehicles, and thanks to Nikki for letting him go.

And of corse, thanks to my lovely wife, who let me do whatever I wanted with the design and set up for the office. Even when I was considering a color called dirty diape.

I have a couple of little things to do here and there. A couple of more pictures to put up, but for the most part it is done, and I love it. It was a room that before lacked any character and was a mess. I went there to work on the computer, but it wasn't a room I enjoyed being in.

Now, this may be my favorite room in the house. It makes me want to have "clients" over and act like I have a real job.

Anyway, thanks to all of you, whether you know you were involved in my office make over or not.

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