Thursday, February 08, 2007

crazy thoughts about church

Alright, I have been having some crazy thoughts about church. Mainly questions, I guess.

What if Sunday was the least important day in the life of the church? What if Monday-Saturday was where the real work of church was done? What if the majority of resources didn't go into a Sunday service? What could we do then? What if we break out of the model of "come to me" and we lived of model of "going to you?"

What if you have already learned enough? What if Jesus' yoke really is easy, and we have spent a lot of time making it harder? What if the Christianity can really be boiled down to, "love God, love others?" Do we need more teachings, or do they just take us off task?

What if what people are really looking for is community? Starbucks has built an empire on the sense of community. What could we build if we had the real thing? What if there were a group of people you met with every day? Can you build a community without time together?

These are just the things running though my head right now. I don't really have a lot of answers, mainly questions, but I certainly get the sense that somehow I am missing the boat.

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Stephanie said...

Chad, I totally think about people making Jesus too complicated all the time. It's good to know someone else thinks that. I think we need to focus more on how to love God more and be "with" God rather than all the logistics, theories, and opinions. You can imagine, this is tough when I live with mister theories, and logic. HEHEHE! thanks for sharing what's on your heart!