Wednesday, June 27, 2007

iPhone fever

iPhone mania hits fever pitch this week as the long anticipated phone is released this week. In honor of that here are some post about the iPhone.

iffect fromMike Metzger

A Letter to Rich, the Young Ruler from Dan Edelen

How does the iPhone stack up in total cost? from engadget

You Got to Be Kidding Me! - The new iPhoney by Carlos Mencia

And before you say there has never been anything like it, check this out.


Chris Good said...

But I still want the iPhone more...lots...I read all these negative articles about this and I just want it more!

Just don't forget about the coolness factor...though...I don't have 600 bucks to blow...and it doesn't integrate with my works email system at work.

But the higher ups might want never know! And if work WANTS to buy me one to replace my crackberry...i'd take it.

welch said...

I am not saying they are not cool, they are. But there are a lot of cool things, I don't have to own them. I own lots of stuff I don't need and I should asses my life and my consumerism, but it is frightening to me the pastors and such going crazy about a really expensive phone because it is cool. For 6 months you'll be the coolest kid on the block. Until the next big thing. To me this just seems to go somehow beyond commercialism and owning too much stuff to really be owned by something. Having your identity in something. Something about the pastors going crazy over this thing makes me uneasy. It's a cell phone. A really cool, really expensive cell phone.

DLE said...


Thanks for featuring my post from Cerulean Sanctum on the iPhone (and consumerism, in general).

Think about the phrase "I want."

It's inherently self-centered, excluding what is best for others.

It concentrates power on fulfilling an individual's will versus God's will.

It tells a lie about what is needed.

Is there any of God in it? Not normally. Many may say they want God, but if told they could have whatever they desire most in material gain, the majority of people (even Christians) would elect to have the material.

Is it any wonder the Church in the West is off course?

Chris Good said...

My identity has nothing to do with it...I just want to play with it. I like fun things, though my kids are probably where I should spend that time.

Something can be cool and not be tied close to my identity...just the fact that I like something, would make it cool. Others think what I think is cool is a bit nerdy.

Other than the fact that I can't get work email and it costs 600 bucks, the next reason would be is that I don't want it to be a little g god for me. So I won't buy it until it actually makes sense.