Monday, March 03, 2008

housing update

There is no big news to report on the housing front.

We do still feel good about our chances of selling our house before we move this summer. We have had a couple of drive bys. Not in the SoCal definition, but people stopping to look at the house and pick up a brochure. Also there seems to be movement online.

As of today our house was included in search results 1778 times. There have been 211 requests for detail pages about this property. And there have been 15 Virtual Tours run for this property. The last one is promising because we had been at 11 for a long time (I think mostly from my mom) and just this weekend it jumped to 15 (she promised to stop looking at our house online.)

I will certainly report any big news, but that is where we stand right now. Like I said we still feel good that as we move into spring things will start picking up.

Thank you to all of you that have kept us in your thoughts and prayers, we appreciate it very much.

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