Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mad Men 2

So yesterday I wrote about Mad Men. The fact that men were fighting for respect and recognition in the home. I pointed out various fronts on which this battle was being waged and focused on the government and the petition to change the way Census counts parenting (you know, including dads as actual parents and not "alternative child care.")

Then Huggies comes along with their latest ad campaign, "the Dad Test" to remind us of another front we must fight. Actual Mad Men. Madison Avenue.

Here is some text from the Huggies campaign, "Help us prove that Huggies diapers can stop leaks better, and that our wipes can clean messes better, by putting them to the ultimate test...Dad."

That is right gentlemen. YOU are the ultimate test of diapers and wipes. We know you would let your child sit in soaking, stinky diapers a lot longer than any woman would. I mean a mom would know when to change a diaper, but your just a man. And men folk don't know how to do those things.

And how do you preform the ultimate test, "Hand him some diapers and wipes and watch the fun."

That's right ladies, not only is your man incompetent, but watching that incompetence provides lots of laughs and fun. I can hardly wait for the TV show that comes out of this campaign, because you know it is coming.

Let me be straight with you ladies. If the father of your children is incompetent and unable to take care of his own kids, well you picked him. But I wouldn't be laughing.

Then Huggies tried to come out and spin it, "We appreciate the discussion about our commercials, and wanted to give you a little background. Huggies recruited real Dads and their real babies to put our diapers and wipes to the test. Why? Because we love Dads. Many of us are Dads! And like Moms, we change diapers, wipe messes and are hands-on participants in raising kids. Yes, we could’ve done the Mom Test. But for the first time, we felt that Dads deserved to be celebrated just as much."

Oh, this was just a celebration of Dads. Oh thanks for clearing that up because I was confused by everything else written for the campaign that says the opposite. I sure feel like an idiot not recognizing that "Hand him some diapers and wipes and watch the fun" was a celebration of dad. And the way almost all your Facebook post begin with "Hey moms." What an idiot I am for not thinking you were thinking of dads as well. I don't know if you realize this, but there is this word you can used to address both moms and dads at the same time, PARENTS.

Congratulations Huggies, your spin may actually be more insulting than the original campaign.

And of corse the other bothersome thing is the vast amount of women on the Huggies Facebook page supporting the campaign. Comments that basically say, "shut up and know your place." I think that sounds familiar.

So Huggies, you blew it. Don't try spinning it again, just admit it.

And next time you want to Celebrate Dads, I know some you can talk to.

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