Monday, March 06, 2006

meals on wheels

I want to stress that I am not trying to solicit meals online. I am posting this because several very nice people from our church approached me about meals. I have been on the cooking end before, but usually someone calls me up and says can you make a meal for so and so. And then I do. I have never been on this end before.

Anyway, for those who were asking, I have asked Nikki Good from our small group to coordinate.

Once again, please don't feel like this is a call for you to make us a meal because you happened to read this post. I just wanted to put out the info for those people who were asking me about it.

Besides being tired, everything is going very well and we will have family in town until next week.


coop's dad said...

congrats........the other coop's is incredible....I will be joining the fatherhood soon and to see how great things are for you guys makes it so much easier for me........thanks for being great parents....

coop's dad

margaret said...

Are you guys bringing Lincoln to church on Sunday? I need a baby fix and I have got to get a look at those cheeks in person!