Friday, August 04, 2006

a long week

It has been a long week.

First Val got very sick Sunday night. She had to go to the ER. turns out she had an infection that hit her very hard. She was out from work until today. Tuesday we thought she might end up in the hospital.

I had some unexpected deadlines with some church stuff and trouble with my old computer handling such large files.

My little guy who had been sleeping through the night stopped. I blame teething.

I am more nervous about Kidstuf this week because my part is more scripted and requires timing, so that has me a little nervous for Sunday.

So I am glad this week is almost over.


margaret said...

We can't wait to see you at kidstuf... scripted or not, you are so funny. Don't stress, you'll do great!

I saw Val today (Greta was in AGAIN) and she was looking pretty good for being so sick this week. I told her (and I really mean it) if you guys need anything, don't hesitate to let us know. We would love to help out in any way we can!

Lori said...

So sorry to hear of your tough week! We certainly will be praying. I wouldn't worry about Sunday, you ALWAYS do such a great job!!

Chris Good said...

As always let us know how we can help out!

I know we talked, but I just thought we could have tried to render the larger signs on Nikki's laptop. It's worth a shot.