Monday, October 22, 2007

Cooper to begin radio career

Today Cooper came home with this note in his backpack...

"Some second grade students have been selected to be recorded on the radio for the annual 'A Child's Holiday Outlook.', which will air on KRWC (AM 1360) from November 19-Christmas Day. Your child has been selected to participate this year. Please fill out the bottom of the sheet so they have your permission. I will give you a schedule of when your child will be on the radio station when the radio station provides us with one."

I hope they know what they have gotten themselves into giving Cooper access to a mic.

For family, once we have the schedule I will try to see if we can either get it recorded or get a copy from the station.


margaret said...

My nephew was did this a few years ago, it was really cute. I can't wait to hear what Cooper has to say!

Chris Good said...

That sounds very neat. By the way I took by blog down...might want to remove the link.