Wednesday, October 03, 2007

updates on Cooper

School is in full swing now, so here are some updates on Cooper.

So far this year Cooper hasn't had any discipline problems. The teacher had some concerns at the start of school about his attention and staying on task. We have been working on that and seems to be doing well now. I think part of it was just getting into the routine of school again.

Cooper has been doing very well academically. He has gotten perfects on all his spelling test. He got 100% on his timed math test (20 questions in a minute). He is in the advanced reading group and was tested at 84 wcpm (words correct per minute). 82wcpm is the 75th percentile.

In other words, he has his mother's smarts.

The other day Cooper asked if he could give some of the money from his bank to poorer kids. The other day we were going through his clothes and removing clothes that were too small and he said we could give them to charity.

It is nice to see those seeds that have been planted starting to bear fruit.

Wants vs Needs
I'm not sure exactly what they were doing in class, but it was obviously something distinguishing wants vs needs. Cooper came home with a large piece of paper folded in half. On half said "Wants" and the other said "Needs" The wants side was empty (he may have just run out of time, I don't know) but here is the needs side.

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