Monday, April 07, 2008

this n that

It has been a long couple of weeks. The sickness made it's way around the Welch household. It started with Cooper, then Lincoln was sick on good Friday as we drove to Illinois. Once in Illinois I was out for a while managing to make it to church for Easter and that was about it. Then we went to St. Louis for a couple of days and Val ended up with it. We came home a day late because Val was to sick to make the 9 hour trip. She missed most of last week.

We have had a couple of more showings. We had one the Saturday after Easter, one this Sunday and one this evening. So we are still hopeful that we will sell our house sooner than later. There are a lot of houses in our neighborhood for sale and apparently a couple of more may be coming on the market.

We found out that we don't have to sell our house to be able to move forward with buying a house in St. Louis. Since we have no other debt our debt to income ratio is still workable with 2 mortgages. Obviously this is not the preferred scenario. It would be like having an expensive cabin "up north."

We looked at a bunch of houses while we were in St. Louis. We got a good feel for the area we are moving to. We plan on going back in early May to earnestly look for a house. While it sucks to try to sell a house right now hopefully the market will work in our favor on the other end. I think Val only has 123 houses currently saved on

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