Wednesday, September 13, 2006

be a candle

The other day Lincoln and I headed to Target to pick up some formula and other groceries. We ended up in a slow checkout line.

When we made it to check out the girl working the register apologized for the wait. I said it was no big deal to which she answered, "I wish everyone had that attitude."

She went on to explain how she had started on the cash register next to this one and it had crashed. Apparently the lady who was checking out had gotten very upset and had been yelling at the checkout girl.

I told her that life is too short to spend it fussing over such small things to which she again mentioned how she wished more people treated her that way.

I tell the story not to brag about how great I am. More times than I probably want to admit I am the impatient one, but I write it as a reminder (to myself if no one else) how easy it can be sometimes to be a light in the world.

Too many times I think we only look for big opportunities to be a light. If we are going to be a light we want to be a spotlight and we miss the opportunity to be a candle. It can be pretty easy to be a candle and enough candles shine as bright as a spot.

So I challenge you and me to try to look for those opportunities to be a small light in someone's life. Maybe its holding a door open for someone, maybe its getting your neighbors mail, or maybe its just having a good attitude with the check out person at Target.

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margaret said...

You are so right... even small gestures can make a world of difference!