Monday, September 25, 2006

first grade reading

this summer Cooper met with his first grade teacher for a reading assessment. he came home with the results today.
Cooper's ScoreSchool Average
Letter names26 out of 2625 out of 26
Letter sounds28 out of 2823 out of 28
High Frequency Words20 out of 2016 out of 20
Phonetic Set 15 of 52 of 5
Reading of Dogs100% accuracy 78% accuracy

I credit his gene pool (mother) and television. God bless you steve and your little blue dog.


margaret said...

I counting on Blue's Clues to get my kids through elementary school! Steve RULES!!

Chris Good said...

Congrats Cooper, and Val's gene pool. I am sure Chad has NOTHING to do with it. ;)

welch said...

Now Chris, that is not true. Who do you think put him in front of the television?

margaret said...

Rumor has it that your wife has a blog... is she going to go public soon?