Monday, February 06, 2006


Cooper's issues at school recently and our weeks without TV have taught me some things.

One is that we can live without television. In fact, I think we are going to try to cut out TV during the week. It is harder to get things done, but I think it is well worth the cost.

The other is I need to find the right balance in my life. I realize there have been too many times where I have sacrificed Cooper in order to do other things, good things, but other things. The number one thing is stuff for our church. I don't want to get misread here, I think it is important for me to serve at church, I enjoy serving at church, but I can't sacrifice my son for it. I really don't think that is pleasing to God.

So I need to find that balance. I need watch my checkbook of time more carefully. I need to stop using the television as a baby sitter while I just need to get this one more thing done.

I think sometimes people really don't understand Val's schedule and sometimes forget that I really am a stay-at-home DAD. Sometimes I think I have forgotten it.

With #2 on the way it has started to make it clearer that I can't live the way I am right now. So I pray for God to help me see the things I need to do and the things that I need to say no to. To help me find that balance in life so that I don't relinquish the responsibilities I have to my family.


Chris Good said...

I totally get that statement. I have had a lot of trouble myself. My wife can attest to this. I think I just need to get through this major change up we are doing then I will have to take a gage of where my time needs to be again.

welch said...

Thanks Chirs. Yes, I think the latest issues with Cooper were a wake-up call for me to reexamine how I am spending my time.

The Charlebois said...

Hi Chad,

Unrelated to this post (but I don't have your email address)...I hear I'm supposed to coordinate with you to do a "Man-on-the-street" interview for an upcoming service.
I'm heading out of town on the 17th, so lets do it before that. My email is


Kjj said...

Chad I totally hear you about the balance thing. It is really hard to be pulled in so many directions and to know that the only one who is going to "make you" do what you should do is you. What I mean is, often times I find myself in a situation where someone wants me to do this or that and I know I should really go home because for example, if I don't, the kids will not get to bed on time, homework questions will be unanswered, junk food will be consumed in mass quantities... etc. But the only one who is holding me accountable is me, the kids don't say "yes mom come home and make us do all the things we don't want to do." I know they still need me even though they are bigger and it is not always so obvious. So I can relate, and I agree I think it is what God wants us to do, and making things balance is our responsibility, it's not just something that happens. Keep up the good work Chad! You are an awesome role model for other parents especially other dads!! PS. Do you own an Escape? How do you like it?

welch said...

Kelly - thank you for your kind words.

we do have an escape. i did a lot of research on the mini-suv class when we were looking at getting rid of our very old and falling apart jeep grand cherokee. i really like it. it is built on a car frame, so it drives a lot like a car. it has 4 wheel drive, but no constant 4WD like the jeep did. it suits our family well, and we will see how it holds up with another kid. it's not huge, but in that range of vehicles we found it to be a good choice.

Lori said...

Balance is tough, Chad! You seem to pull it off well, though! I know that there are times that it doesn't seem that way, but Cooper is a great kid, because he has great parents, who obviously spend time with him!

PS KJJ - I noticed the new it! Very nice!

Kjj said...

That is interesting. As you might know I too was a Jeep Cherokee driver... and I loved it. I did not love the gas mileage however. Ritch bought me an Escape the other day, and it seems like it will work out okay for me. It really does drive like a car, which was the first thing I noticed about it. I think it will be a good vehicle for commuting to school... not the horrible mileage of a Jeep but a little more space than a car.
I was also going to tell you we too have given up the TV at times. I think it is a good thing. My kids spend much more time reading when there is no TV. We have just regular TV now. No dish. And I think that being there is no Dish they still spend way less time watching the TV compared to when we had the dish. The only problem with no dish is the lack of quality programming for the kids to watch if they want to spend a "little" time watching TV. Especially after school… I love PBS but they have kind of out grown Clifford and Arthur. So what happens is, I catch them watching the Simpson’s sometimes... and I think that show is really for adults not kids. Just thought I would share! :)