Friday, February 10, 2006

Pancakes @ school

It is Friday morning. Today we had breakfast at Little Mountain, Cooper's school.

It was very fun to go to Cooper's school and hang out. Cooper had to say hi to the principle. They had center pieces made by some of the older students. Cooper asked if the one we were sitting by was made by his buddy (meaning his 4th grade buddy, a system at the school where they pair up kindergartners with a 4th grader)

After we ate we took Cooper's stuff to his locker in his classroom and spent some time talking to his teacher. After that we took him to the library where kids were watching a movie until it was time for school. Their we got to spend a little time talking to the person who is running Cooper's social group he started attending at school.

I just cannot express enough how grateful we are to have such wonderful people running our local school system. Even the bus driver will share information with me if something has gone wrong or if Cooper seems out of sorts.

Thanks to everyone at Little Mountain.

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margaret said...

I'm not sure if I've told you this or not but my brother is a 2nd grade teacher at Little Mountain (Noah Youngs.) When his kids were younger he was the treasurer for their PTO. Your post made me think of him because several years back he started sort of a 'thank you' breakfast that they put on for the staff every so often.