Wednesday, February 22, 2006

original score by Cooper Welch

This is an original song that Cooper wrote on his guitar. He had me write down the lyrics for him. I can't read, let along write, music, so I can only give you the lyrics. But here they are.

Jamen on Hime

Who is dat, flying up in the air
He's not St. Nicholas, no he isn't there

It's only just Jamen on Hime
It's just Jamen on Hime

He is here and there
He is everywhere

He makes quilts
And he made one built

I met him before
I didn't just do a tour

I'm making the times, for the rhymes, in da city

He doesn't wear any hat
But he met a bat

Oh yeah, what a great time to do it

And time for me to go
And time for me to go, whoooo yeah


The Charlebois said...

Is he available for offering next week? :)
I wish I knew what Jamen on Hime was - cuz that's awesome!

Lori said...

Very cute - Can't wait to see the little one! Is he here yet? Hi Lincoln! Maybe Coop can sing him his song!

Kathy Hamilton said...

Iloved your song, You did a great job. I hope you are helping mom and dad around the house now that you are a BIG BROTHER.

Little brothers like to have their big borthers talk and sing to them.

See ya all soon,
Kathy,Carrie and Brian