Tuesday, February 14, 2006

cooper tv

For those of you that have known us for a while, you may know that Cooper does not have an imaginary friend, but he does have an imaginary tv audience. For years Cooper had periodically talked to the television audience much like Steve (for those of you with younger children, this was the classic Blue's Clues host)

So the other day Cooper hired a camera man, and although his editor still needs some time with it, I present Cooper TV.

Sorry, for those on dial-up, this is probably not going to work or take forever.


For those interested, this move was encoded using H.264 at 15fps. The audio is AAC at 32.000 kHz


- e - said...

Oh man. This is great. Among my favorites are:
-"I wasn't just wiggling it all around in the community center, just that, well, you need life. From God."
-"I was just telling myself that Jesus was having a responsibilty."
-"As a matter of fact, you might be a assist to what you have in your life."
-Inconspicuous snot wipe while turning back to camera.

Stephanie said...

Chad this is great! I know I will see him in hollywood someday! He is a natural born entertainer!

Lori said...

I wish I could see it! It sounds good! I haven't been able to download and I have DSL!!

welch said...

Lori - it still takes a minute before it starts. are you seeing the big Q when you click on it? I used a newer codec for encoding, so if you are getting a Q with a question mark, you may need an updated version of quick time. The other thing you can do is right click and try to "save as" to your hard drive. Hope this helps.

margaret said...

What a hoot! I can guarantee that someday we will see Cooper on the big screen!

coop's dad said...

he sounds like a star.......i am on the dsl as well, so no pic.....tell him to keep up the great work........what a ham

the other coopers dad

Chris Good said...

Brianna keeps saying I want to go to Coopers.

This is great...wonderful stuff to play when he graduates from High School!