Sunday, November 12, 2006

cooper gift guide

I often gets calls from the different grands about what Cooper is into and what he wants for his birthday or Christmas.

With just 15 days until his birthday, here are a couple of things Cooper has said he would like.

First is the Gross Out Monster. Apparently Cooper saw this on a recent trip to Walmart with mommy.

"The gross out monster has tools to operate," says Cooper. "What you can do with the tools is get the body parts out."

Cooper loves monsters and halloween and associated stuff.

Next is Moon Sand.

Cooper has been asking for this since he saw the comercial about 6 months ago.

"You can make stuff with moon sand," says Cooper. "And even castles."

Lastly, is Mouse Trap.

"Mouse Trap has traps that mouses get in," says Cooper.

So there you go, a couple of ideas stright from Cooper.

"Love Cooper," he adds.

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margaret said...

Linus has been asking for Moon Sand too. He saw it on a commercial a few weeks ago. I'm thinking it looks a lot like the 437 tubs of Play Doh we already have but he insists it's "way different."