Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Another fun time was had this halloween. On saturday I took the boys to the community center for their parade and activities. Cooper won a prize in the costume contest.

He usually picks out what he wants to be a year or so in advance. Such as the robot last year and the werewolf. He loves monsters and stuff like that. Next year he wants to be a racecar/monster truck driver.

That night we all went to the haunted hayride at the YMCA camp in town.

Halloween night I took Cooper and Lincoln around. We went to about a dozen houses then Cooper wanted to go home and pass out candy. He enjoys that as much as going trick-or-treating.

Halloween is nice because it seems like it is the one time a year the whole neighborhood is out and everyone is in a good mood. I need to get better about meeting our neighbors and getting to know them. At least we have halloween to start.

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