Friday, November 17, 2006

that's how we roll

Tomorrow we set off on our road trip to Houston for thanksgiving. In fact there are several things I should be doing right now, but I admit, I have taken a moment to check some stuff on the computer and sync my iPod for the trip. I am looking forward to listening to the Boyd-Wallis talk sometime on the trip (thanks Brenton)

I don't mind flying, I'm not scared of it and we have done it many times, but I like road trips. I like the uninterrupted time with family. I like stopping at unexpected places (like when coming back from Illinois with me and the boys we stopped at the World's Largest Truck Stop in Iowa)

My wife and I have different ways to plan a road trip. Her plan involves deciding where we are going to stay and where we are going to eat before we ever leave the house, where my planning is much more casual.

It is also good to get out of your routine for a while. Both to refresh and to appreciate what you have.

I'm sure there will be some trying times on this trip. With a 6 year old and a 8 month old there have to be, but I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow we take off, and that's how we roll.


Lori said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great trip...we'll miss ya!