Monday, July 02, 2007

chasing Lincoln

Today we took a trip to Springfiled, Illinois. We visited Lincoln's home. Then we out to Lincoln's tomb.

Lastly we went to The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

The museum is amazing. I could spend a whole day there. I would love to go back sometime when I didn't have the kids in tow and spend some more time at the museum. If you are ever near Springfield and have any interest in Abraham Lincoln or the civil war it is worth stopping by.

It is amazing to think about those events in history and try to imagine the thoughts and emotions that these people must have had. It was a touching and wonderful experience. Our Lincoln got a little confused by all the people using his name. Someday he will be able to go back and understand what happened. Know more about the man who he is named after.

Thank you Mr. Lincoln.

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lovevalerie said...

Hey honey!
Thanks for blogging. It's great to see what you guys are up to. Mom said she went to Springfield with her parents when she was 9 and still remembers it. And of course, Phil was born there.
Hope to have more pics of Finley and Toronto up soon. Kiss my guys for me, and I'll try calling you today.