Thursday, July 26, 2007

a little prayer

I don't usually put personal prayer request up on my blog, but today I am.

My name is Chad, and I am a dentalphobe.

Today I have a two hour dental appointment. From 2-4 I will be at the dentist. I considered the full sedation dentistry, but Val wasn't comfortable with the way that worked (giving you a pill at home before the visit) and we didn't find any very close, plus our dentist have been very good to us, so today I will bite the bullet (sort of speak) and finally get things taken care of. I hope you are doing something better this afternoon.


margaret said...

oh Chad, I feel your pain! I would rather be in labor than go to the dentist... even for just a cleaning! I actually get sweaty palms and a sick stomach the day of my appointment. I hope yours went o.k.!

lovevalerie said...

Let me clarify on the sedation issue. I did not want to give Chad a pill and then drive him to the dentist with the risk that he might get overly sedated (stop breathing) en route. There are dentists who do IV sedation, but my brave husband chose to do nitrous oxide. I'm happy to report he did wonderfully, and I'm proud of him for facing his fear.