Tuesday, July 24, 2007

for what it's worth

Here are a couple of things from around other blogs I found interesting.

Idolatry of Excellence? from Mary
Sure, we spouted it off as some grand way to honor the Lord with the best of everything, but it’s quite possible that the truer motive was to appear great in the eyes of man. We wanted excellent children’s ministry programs, excellent dramas, excellent retreats, excellent guest speakers, excellent ministries, excellent decorations, excellent messages, and, of course, very excellent worship music. Why? So more people would come? So we could have entertaining alternatives to theater and rock concerts? So we could pat ourselves on the backs because of how much we have it all together now (God must be pleased)?
(HT: grace)

How to Survive Church from Matt
I am very conscious that although much has been written on emerging churches, and a moderate amount has been written on churchless Christians who forsake community altogether, very little has been written about those of you who don’t fit conventional church but choose, for whatever reason, to stay within it. I think a significant reason for this is that the emerging church conversation is heavily weighed towards Missional ecclesiology. We mavericks simply don’t have as much to offer in that area do we? Other than an ecclesiology of endurance!
(HT: cindy)

Here's to Nothing! from Brant
Turns out, when you have time to do what, culturally-speaking, is "nothing" (like walking the baby around, chatting with neighbors, letting the kids play together) neighbors get to know each other. It doesn't happen when everyone's at breakneck speed and, when home, exhausted.

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