Wednesday, January 25, 2006

can you hear me now?

Well, my wife's PDA has slowly been drifting away. So she need something to replace it. Apparently she keeps her schedule on the thing and runs some programs at work so on and so forth. She diligently researched and decided on a PDA/phone combo.

So we recently headed down to the Verizon store to get it. At the store you have to sign your name on a pad of paper, which she did, and then one of the service reps calls your name. She was skipped over twice. The second time she stopped the lady and got taken care of. This whole phone thing took forever.

Meanwhile I was trying to round Cooper up, kind of like a sheep dog trying to keep the sheep headed in the right direction and keep them from touching every phone in the store.

We headed next door and I asked my wife to pick up the USB cable for me measly LG 8100. They asked if I wanted the audio or video one. I wasn't there, but she called me. I want the USB cable. Then the guy told her that it wouldn't work without a SD card. She was smart enough to lie and tell the guy I had one.

So now, thanks to BitPim I am able to download pictures from my phone and upload my own ring tones to the phone, and without paying the charges that Verizon would like me to.

So here I sit, late at night, googling for free ring tones.


Chris Good said...

Well that's a cool phone. Did you find any good sites with Free Ring Tones? Might as well just make your own!

welch said...

I downloaded some from here. There were some others and I made some of my own with my music.

Much better than $1.99 for ringtones from Verizon.