Friday, January 27, 2006

not again

Well, Cooper got in trouble at school again. He got into a spat with a fourth-grader during their puzzle time.

I had a good talk with his teacher. Part of the frustration is that the majority of the time he is a happy, friendly kid at school. He had some issues getting his work done, but those have to do with concentrating and getting distracted by other things.

But the hitting seems like it is out of nowhere. We can't figure out exactly why he has done it the two times that he has. I thought maybe part of it was his inability to express himself verbally. He was a late talker and went to speech therapy. He used to throw huge fits because he couldn't communicate what he waned.

The teacher said this his verbal skills are above the majority of the class. And the he is smart and thinks outside the box. And he is very apologetic after he commits his act. She thought that part of it may be that he is very curious and is kind of testing what happens.

He will be involved in a type of peer group at school. I hope to be talking to the counselor soon. We are certainly blessed with teachers and school employees that will work with us. That is such a blessing. I can't imagine having to be a parent that doesn't have that, or worse a kid who doesn't have that and doesn't have the support at home.


Chris Good said...

Your a good dad and you'll get through it. I remember as a kid fighting with my brother all the time. I never fought at school, probably cause I got it out at home.

margaret said...

We have problems with our boys fighting at home. I think that they just have a hard time controlling their emotions. For Miles and Linus anger and frustration go hand in hand.

Maple Lake has got a program called Second Step that has a teacher come into the classroom once a week to teach positive ways to deal with emotions. I haven't seen a real difference in Miles yet but we are trying to reinforce the ideas they are teaching.

You and Valerie are great people and I'm sure you're great parents. Hopefully this will run it's course soon.

Lori said...

We must be on the same ship! Nico struggles with the same thing and he has gotten several time outs at school. Thankfully we have a teacher, principal and staff that are willing to work with us and do more then just talk! Hang in there - this too shall pass!