Tuesday, January 31, 2006

web redesign

I have updated Cooper's home page, CooperWelch.com

Since I started the first blog the news section never got updated (because it was easier to update the blog) so I have streamlined the front page design.

He's six now, and needed an update on his site.


Chris Good said...

So why don't you go to Feedburner then have it burn a RSS feed of this blog, then add it back into his website. We can read the Blog news there. :)

welch said...

Because I didn't score high enough in my nerd test.

coop's dad said...

this looks great....do you have any interest in helping me with my buisness site...i would love to hire a coop's dad....drop a line if you are interested...the address to the site is www.efloridaloans.com