Sunday, January 22, 2006

Kid Stuf

Today our church put on it's first ever version of Kid Stuf.

I was blessed to be asked to be part of the production and had a lot of fun doing it. It was hard to judge from my perspective how everything came across to the audience.

I got to see the dramas from back stage and they did a great job. I had watched them in practice and I was still laughing today.

The main props (yes, I am too old to use words like props) go out to Brenton Balvin our associate pastor who headed up the entire production and served as the main host. Even after I flooded his in-box with my many ideas for Kid Stuf. [after today's service I am as convinced as ever that the auditorium is the place to hold Kid Stuf, but I would love to get reactions from those in the crowd today]

The only flaw I saw was one that I made in the one part we didn't rehearse. I was on stage at the end and when I tried to get out of the way for the singers and dancers I passed right in front of one of the speakers and set off some major feedback. (sorry about that y'all) But I have learned, and while normally for our sound guys sanity I wouldn't turn off the mic, I probably should have knowing I was done.

I know Cooper had a great time. And considering Val was on call so I had to take him to the Saturday practice and I had to wake him up Sunday morning to go in with me, he still loved the show. Thanks to everyone involved in the production today.


Lori said...

Everyone did an amazing job! It went off without a glitch! Way to go everyone!

BTB said...

Chad, thanks for the role that you played. I have heard nothing but good things and I am lucky to have you as such a funny co-host. I had a great time today.

For sure, next time we'll have to shore some things up. But we live and learn and improve and grow. Ministry is fun when it goes like this. I am blessed to have you and such a wonderful team. It is to all of yall that I give 'props,'

Chris Good said...

Chad you are a natural at this and complement Brenton on stage so well. I can't see you not doing this!